KH Morgan is an Italian make up company with a clear mission: bring Italian style and quality worldwide, infusing them with Middle East passion and warmth.

At KH Morgan, we are inspired by the beauty around us: nature, architecture and history are a constant flow of astonishment and creativity for us. Love of details, colors and elegance: this is what style and quality mean to KH Morgan.

At KH Morgan, we are moved by enthusiasm and the desire to unite different worlds and cultures in our cosmetics: every day we try to create the finest make up products with commitment and deep love for what we do. In all KH Morgan formulas there's a 'not so secret' ingredient: our passion.

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At KH Morgan we live, breathe, and act by our values: Passion, Innovation, Worldwide Attitude, Teamwork, and Respect for All Cultures and All Women.

At KH Morgan, we believe beauty is freedom and respect. That's why our cosmetics are 100% cruelty free: KH Morgan is a "cruelty-free" brand and is committed to producing cosmetic products that are not tested on animals. Not only the finished product but all the raw materials used within our formulas are not tested on animals. We believe in being beautiful, without harming any living creature.

At KH Morgan, we believe that safety comes first. KH Morgan products do not contain parabens or silicones that are harmful to health. Silicones regulated by cosmetic law are absolutely safe because we use the best raw materials on the market. Our products are created following the highest certified quality European standards.

At KH Morgan, we believe that every woman has the right to smile. KH Morgan has always been committed to celebrating the achievements of extraordinary women around the world, working everyday to make progress with regard to the issue of women's rights and the injustices often suffered.

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