Over the Day mascara powers up your lashes to their full potential all night and all day long. Its innovative formula makes your lashes black and glossy all day long, while a special mix of polysaccharides, castor oil and calendula extract protects and moisturize them, with a clinically proven long wearing effect. It lasts through rain, sweat, humidity, and tears, yet you can remove it easily with warm water. With KH Morgan Over the Day mascara you will sport 24-hour wear stunning eyelashes.

  • OVER THE DAY: Cod. V004

How to use it:

Comb through lashes from roots to tips with a zig-zag movement. This action builds thickness and aids separation.

For an extra result, make it dry for a few minutes and apply another coat.

The Result

  • Black and Glossy lashes alla day long!
  • Lovely Panoramic finish
  • Healthy Lashes

Main Ingredients

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