Rebel Glass

Shiny Liquid Lipstick


Explore a new galaxy of pleasure and colors with the new Youniverse Liquid Lipsticks collection. KH Morgan’s innovative formula glides over lips like a gloss but dries to a dazzling shine. The very balanced mix of polymers and oils makes the application a very sensorial experience, offering a weight-less and extremely comfortable feeling.



  • Unicorn Pink: Cod. YR001
  • Absolute Fucsia: Cod. YR002
  • Flamingo Rose: Cod. YR003
  • Flaming Orange: Cod. YR004
  • Blazing Red: Cod. YR005
  • Metallic Copper: Cod. YR006

How to use it:

Line the outer edge of your cupid’s bow and then move to the outer edges of your upper lip.

Move to the lower lip, line it and than fill it with a few swipes of liquid lipstick.

Only one coat is necessary since it provides full coverage. However, for a more intense look, apply an extra coat.

The Result

  • Mirror shine without stickness
  • Incredible colour intensity

Main Ingredients

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