Scratch the Line is an arty eyeliner with ultra-precise control for thin lines or intense, graphic eye looks. A super pigmented, over-the-edge formula, with Larch Tree sugar for superior fluidity, an innovative polymer for optimal resistance and cotton seed butter to protect your skin. KH Morgan Scratch the Line allows precise, clear, and definite drawing for natural-looking or graphic looks in a single stroke.

  • Abu Dhabi Horizon: Cod. V008A
  • Tozeur Nights: Cod. V008B

How to use it:

Shake well before use.

Line your lids close to the eyelash line for a subtle effect.

It allows you to draw homogeneous thin or bold lines by applying more or less pressure.


The Result

  • Wonderful Eyes
  • Intense Definition
  • Charming Look

Main Ingredients

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