An innovative poured balm which, becoming a silky cleanser, melts away all types of make-up and impurities, leaving the skin nourished and clean. This balm easily dissolves even the most tenacious and waterproof make-up. Its lightweight formula with a mix of esters nourishes skin, cleanses thoroughly, and rinses o completely, so all that’s left is a fresh, dewy glow. KH Morgan Secret in a Balm is the most delicate way to remove lips, eyes and face make-up.

  • SECRET IN A BALM: Cod. I002

How to use it:

It is a balmy make up remover for lips, eyes and face.

On dry skin: gently massage directly onto your eye area to melt away mascara and make up and over the rest of your face and rinse with water

To start your day: massage on wet skin and rinse (try it in the shower!)


The Result

  • Removes all make up residuals, also the waterproof ones
  • Delicate and non greasy
  • Emollient and antioxidant action on the skin


Main Ingredients

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